videogames money

How much money should you have in the bank in order to play video games all day?

“Why do we need to go to school, get an education and go to work? We just put our money in the bank, play videogames for a year and get free money.” – This was the question one of my students asked after we discovered the power of compound interest. I must admit, I got scared for a few seconds… How shall I respond now?  I started imagining angry parents telling me to stop putting silly ideas in their children’s minds.

Nevertheless, I pushed ahead and transferred this question as a homework, which everyone eagerly embraced: “How much money should you have in the bank in order not to work and play video games all day long?”

This homework was a very good exercise  in which the kids practiced their budgeting skills, got a feeling of interest rates offered by banks and “played around” with investment calculators.

Conclusion? $2 to$4 million would be required to allow worry-less life of leisure. The same kid admits that “probably it’s not such a realistic idea and he will need to work after all.”

I smiled and closed the class with a few words of wisdom about the importance of saving and investing early on.


Lena Perepelova, 

Founder of Fun Finance