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“If only I had learnt this as a child…..”

Finance for kids & youth: Money mindset & money habits for life

As parents, we are determined to give the best to our children. Providing your child with finance education early on is the best gift you can give. But when do you start and what is the best way to teach your child about money?

At FunFinance we offer structural business and financial education for kids. Our courses have been designed to help your child understand the world around them. We use content that has been carefully adapted for children and we teach concepts using topics children care about. We also love using case studies of young kids running their own businesses.

What’s on offer now

What we’ve learned from our experience with kids

At FunFinance Virtual Business School we have been offering live virtual classes to kids since 2016. As a result, we have talked to hundreds of kids and parents about money. We have talked to families from more than 30 countries. We have asked many questions and we have analysed what families are doing. Today we really know what works and creates the biggest impact on kids and what results in little change.

5 top tips on raising financially savvy kids

Tip 1: Understand how your own behaviour affects your child’s attitude to money

Tip 2: Avoid the traditional allowance system

Tip 3: Support your child’s entrepreneurship initiatives as “silly” as they may seem

Many parents ignore their child’s first entrepreneurial ideas, even worse, we may discourage our child by explaining that their idea lacks originality or business sense. We highly recommend supporting your child’s business ideas and giving them a chance to succeed (or fail) on their own. Your child’s first business venture may not grow to be another Amazon, but they will develop many useful competencies along the way.

If you lack time or are not sure about how to support your child at this stage, take a look at our FunFinance Private Tutoring option.

Tip 4: Openly answer any questions & disclose your house economy numbers early on

Tip 5: Offer structural business & financial education before your child reaches teen years

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