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Kids and Money: Money mindset and money habits for life 

As parents we are determined to give the best to our children. When it comes to finance, it is often our own behavior which will form our child’s money mindset and financial habits. Here is an exercise that may help you evaluate what you are (or are not) doing to give your child the right money mindset and healthy money habits. 

We recommend that each parent fills in this paper on her / his own and then compare and discuss the results. 

Below are some general questions for reflection on your own money mindset and the messages you may be involuntarily passing to your children: 

  • How is my personal attitude affecting my child’s perception of money? 
  • Do I express worries around money? 
  • Do I transmit the feeling of money scarcity? 
  • Am I valuing money above other things? 
  • Do I avoid talking about money? 
  • Do I give my children different money messages depending on their gender? 
  • Do I show insecurity around money? 

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