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Life Without Money

Life without Money

Have you ever thought about what would life be if there was no money? And why do you think money was invented?

Well, money is a mean of exchange. Which means if we don’t have money people would have to exchange other things or do some activities for each other. Also if money hadn’t been invented, it would be harder to agree on the price of something.

For example, if you wanted to get a computer and you  have only potatoes, and you can dance, you say “I want an Apple computer, I’ll give you five kilogram of my potatoes for it” but the owner may say “no” and in that case you say “Fine, I’ll dance for you ” but if the owner isn’t interested in dance, you’re unlucky. (In our case  money is always available, so we don’t have to argue).

But it’s even harder with bigger things, like a house. Also if you need to go to school, and on the way you must buy school books, and also food for lunch… Can you imagine how much potatoes you will need, and how on earth are you supposed to carry all the potatoes?

In other words, money was invented to be easier to carry (because of the weight and size) and to be easier to agree upon.

Now people can give money without a problem. But money in different countries has different rates. Like one European euro is 4.25 Turkish liras, and one Malashian  rengit is 0.80 Turkish cent.

We’re very lucky that we’re living in a century with such an easy thing as money. So please be happy for yourself, even if you’re not that rich. There we’re people much unluckier than we are sometimes.

Luana Volkova, 10 years old,

a second-year student of FunFinance Virtual Business School