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Individualized Curriculum adapted to your child’s needs

Whether you are looking for activities to challenge a gifted child or searching for ways to enrich your child's understanding of the modern world our bespoke selection process and class format allow for the child's engagement and a high level of interaction. More info

Kids learn to Think Critically

Hands-on learning and the Case Study methodology are at the heart of FunFinance. Children learn how to define criteria, differentiate among alternative choices and make decisions. Ultimately children learn how to think critically and be better prepared for the real world around them. More info

Global scope and English practice

Your child will interact with other children from around the world through our virtual classroom. Children exchange ideas and learn from this experience, all in English.

First steps in money management

How early can you start?
What can you teach a 6-years old about money?
Listen to the short interview from our founder here


Money management in a digital era

Traditional piggy banks are outdated! Teach your child to manage their bank account and practice payments with prepaid cards and family finance app by FamZoo.


Your space to find engaging activities to teach kids business, finance and economics at home, at school or in virtual classrooms.

Money, business and finance

are deeply embedded in our daily lives. By teaching children early on about how the real world works we give them the skills to think critically and become valuable members of society.


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"My son has been attending the online FunFinance lessons for several months. 

It is a fascinating journey he has been taken on, of learning about the world, entrepreneurial skills, concepts of demand and supply, determining the business niches,  and not least meeting like-minded young people globally and making new friends.

Funfinance led by Ms Perepelova has been a great way of teaching my son about the world and how it works economically, something I am certain will benefit him in future years."

Elena Mccaffrey - Mother of a student - Linguist UK

Students all over the world