Challenging young minds, nurturing global vision

Why I created FunFinance 


As a mother of two young girls I think a lot about their future. I imagine them independent and happy. They are the reason why I want to make this world a better place to live in and teaching the new generations is my way to contribute to this purpose.

Our world is changing too fast and no educational system can match the speed of this process. Some of the basic questions are left unanswered for far too long:

“How do the objects around us appear: The food on our table, our phone, a traffic light…?”

“Why do people go to work every day? What do they do there?”

“What are they talking about in the news?”

“Why are societies in some countries less fortunate than others?

I created FunFinance to help children answer these fundamental questions as well as many others. I want our children to grasp the basics of business and economics in order to better understand our world and through an easy and fun manner. Concepts are presented using a simple language and with accessible examples as well as with simple explanations to complex words that surround our daily life.

It enlightens me to talk to curious little minds and listen to their refreshing views and observe their sincere reactions. I enjoy every single encounter and it makes me proud to see my students discuss important issues, thinking, wondering and investigating by themselves. And I know my students love "FunFinance" and enjoy our lessons as much as I do.

FunFinance is an evolving project. At the moment it is a small group of curious kids and engaged parents, but it is growing fast. I want this to become a community. Business professionals passing their knowledge to children. Children discovering the world with a little guidance from the grown-ups. And ultimately, young adults teaching other children.

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