About FunFinance

We are an independent international company offering business and finance education for children and youth.

Our Mission

FunFinance believes in the children of today becoming active and responsible members of society. FunFinance offers business, finance and economics education to children providing them with essential knowledge and skills for life in the 21st century through engaging and interactive content.

Our methodology is based on interactive learning, debate, action and reflection with emphasis on social responsibility.

FunFinance values

We teach children business, finance and economics to improve their general understanding of the world. (Contrary to other programs, we do not teach finance with a promise to make a person rich or become a millionaire.) 

We see money as a tool, which helps people achieve their life goals. 

We do not express any religious and/or political views.

We do not judge any companies, countries or individuals. We can explain their actions and the effects these actions may have on different stakeholders (shareholders, consumers, environment, local population, governments, etc.)

All our tutors are certified business professionals.

About the founder

Lena Perepelova is a passionate advocate of change in education. It is her strong belief that understanding finance, business and economics by the general public would diminish inequality and improve social equilibrium.

Lena created FunFinance in 2016. In 2019 she created WomenInvestorsClub.com, where she empowers women by building their financial confidence through learning and a supportive community.


We are always open to new collaborations to help educate more children all over the globe. If you are a school, organization or an individual looking for a financial education program or a business course for children or youth, contact us today.

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Our programs are aligned with Sustainable Development Goals.

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