About FunFinance

We are an independent international company offering financial education, fun and engaging online business courses for kids since 2016.

We work with parents, schools and educational institutions. At FunFinance Virtual Business School for Kids we help kids and teens get a head start in understanding finance and business.

Our courses are aligned with Sustainable Development Goals.

Our Mission

We teach children skills for a successful life as responsible global citizens and leaders of the future.

Our Values

We believe that understanding finance, business and economics by the general public would diminish inequality and improve social equilibrium.

Financial education is an essential life skill which should be accessible to everyone, especially to children and youth.

We teach business and finance to kids to improve their general understanding of the world.

We see money as a tool, which helps people achieve their life goals. Money is not a goal in itself. 

Our methodology

Fun Finance Virtual Business School for Kids is a pioneer of online education for kids. We have been offering live virtual classes on zoom since 2017. In order to offer engaging business courses for kids, we designed our own methodology. We used methodologies of the best business schools and adapted them for teaching children online.

we use case method. Students learn from the stories of existing children-entrepreneurs and famous companies.

Blended: We combine virtual classroom settings with traditional face-to-face classroom environments.
Ability Grouping: We take care when selecting and pairing students in the classroom
Adaptive Teaching: While all our classrooms follow the same program, class activities are adapted to each child’s interest
and development level and may differ per classroom.

Case Method: Students learn from the stories of existing child entrepreneurs and famous companies.

Learning through collaborative argumentation
& Learning by teaching:

More than 50% of the class time is dedicated to student interaction, where tutor acts as a facilitator. Students learn a great deal by explaining ideas to others or
defending their point of view.
Open-ended problem solving: To motivate a child´s critical thinking our exercises often contain incomplete information. Students are asked not only to show their final solution, but
also to explain how they got their
answers and assumptions they
made along the way.

All our tutors are certified business professionals.

About the founder

Lena Perepelova is Russian-born Dutch located in Madrid (Spain). She is married and has two daughters. An MBA from IESE Business School and Bachelor of Business and Finance, Lena created FunFinance in 2016.

Today she also offers financial education for women through her other initiative WomenInvestorsClub.com.

business courses for kids
Creating business courses for kids: Lena Perepelova in her living room with her first students back in 2016
Lena talking about FunFinance back in 2017

We are always open to new collaborations to help educate more children all over the globe.


If you are a school, organization or an individual looking for a financial education program or a business course for kids or teens, contact us today.

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