1. Download our free book “Business Basics”.
  2. For Educators we recommend these 10 sites with financial literacy resources and information:
    1. Junior Achievement – world’s biggest organisation reaching 100mln students. Find your country’s office through the link.
    2. Fast Lane – free resource designed to promote financial education in U.S. high schools.
    3. Practical Money Skills – financial literacy initiative by Visa – English and Spanish
    4. Council for Economic Education 
    5. Cha-Ching from Prudential (UK)
    6. Consumer education – (EU), available in different languages
    7. My classroom economy – The Vanguard group (USA) – English and Spanish
    8. Warren Buffet’s “Secret Millionaire’s Club”
    9. Path to Financial Success by
    10. Global Money Week – world’s biggest initiative to promote financial education
  3. For parents we recommend these sites on raising financially savvy kids:
    1. Money Smart from Australia
    2. The Mint from Northwestern Mutual (USA)
    3. Money Math – fantastic set of financial math problems
    4. Warren Buffet’s “Secret Millionaire’s Club”
  4. Articles about importance of financial education:
  5. Money games for the little ones:
    1. UK
    2. USA