“Congratulations on an excellent initiative! Admittedly I was skeptical at first but signed up anyway at the insistence of my daughter. She was absolutely thrilled with all that she learned. She was especially touched when discussing wants vs. needs and then discussing child labour in business and the poverty level of children around the world. It made her re-think the iPad she has been asking for. Well done! We can’t wait for the next workshop!”

Mother of a 8 yo girl who attended our workshop

“This course is just amazing! My daughter is so inspired to learn how the «real world» is functioning. Before she even didn’t think about many thing that we, adults, take for granted. Now the financial side of life is becoming real and realizable…”

Natalia - Mother of a student - Home-schooler, Passionate Traveller

“Fun Finance course is a must for curious kids! Maxim is very enthusiastic about
learning how business works in the real world. The tasks are fun, interactive, engaging and setting great example of how the kids can do business. The small group format is very nice – children share their thoughts with each other and learn from this experience a lot.”

Olga - Mother of a student - Marketing professional and entrepreneur

“Lena has majorly helped me understand the fine nuances of business and marketing. When we started our lessons I had many ideas , however I lacked understanding of what I need to achieve my goals and both , the financial and legal problems that I may encounter on the way.
Lena is understanding and explains things well. When I come up with an idea for a business , Lena helps me improve it and points me in the right direction.
I recommend Lena to everyone who has even a slight interest in business. You will not regret taking the lessons.”

FunFinance student, 16 y.o.

“My son has been attending the online FunFinance lessons for several months.

It is a fascinating journey he has been taken on, of learning about the world, entrepreneurial skills, concepts of demand and supply, determining the business niches,  and not least meeting like-minded young people globally and making new friends.

Funfinance led by Ms Perepelova has been a great way of teaching my son about the world and how it works economically, something I am certain will benefit him in future years.”

Elena Mccaffrey - Mother of a student - Linguist

“It was surely a great experience for the kids. The programme has build up Tessa’s confident especially in giving impromptu opinion and participate in life discussion. Thumbs up to Lena Perepelova for the effort and initiative!”

Mother of our scholarship student from Malaysia

I loved it!

Mother of a student who attended 5 hours private tutoring

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