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“Money Basics” – 06/13, 06/14, 06/15, 06/20, 21/06. Sign-up here

“Money, the Economy and me” – 07/4, 07/5, 07/6, 07/7, 07/8. Sign-up here

“My Business World” – 07/18, 07/19, 07/20, 07/21, 07/22. Sign-up here

For private tutoring we do not require payment to attend the first class.

Our VIP groups offer 2-weeks money back guarantee.

We are happy to issue an invoice. Please send an email with your name and address to

Phones do not provide for the learning experience we desire.

Please make sure the sound and video are working and your child is prepared to have video camera switched on at all times.

Normally we do not assign any homework. Some of the students ask for homework and we are happy to provide this option.

Each course participant will receive FunFinance certificate.

Each program is different. We help 9-year-old students to read and understand business news, we have 10-year-olds building their investment portfolio, we helped 13-year-olds discovering how to start their own business. Our business school for kids offers a unique individualized approach to each child.

As with every educational program, the success of the learning experience will depend on the relationship our tutor will create with your child and his / her desire and motivation to study. That is why we plan a trial class for both your child and our tutor to decide if they want to start the learning process together. Feel free to book the trial class here.

See our contact information here.

Class length is 45 min – 1 hour. (We tend to have 45 min of “productive study time” and reserve up to 15 min for “fun” moments, connection time and to assure proper connectivity).

All our standard programs are 5 weeks long.  The first one is “Money Basics”. After that, your child will continue to”Business Basics” and later on to “Young Investors”.

In private tutoring, we evaluate each child´s progress and interests and adjust the content based on that. It is also possible to submit your family´s wishes and priorities and we will try to include that in the class content.

Prices vary between valid in winter 2022:

Short standard programs:

5 group classes –  €150 / $170

5 private classes – €250 / $282

Watch this video to see how we structure our course on Google classroom

We don’t want to sound arrogant, but we can promise that you can expect a considerable improvement in your child’s understanding of the modern world.
Our program offers a systematic approach successfully applied to kids and youth in different age groups.

If you inform us before the course starts we will try to plan the lessons based on your availability. If you inform us a week in advance a make-up session with a tutor will be scheduled. Your child is entitled to one free-of-charge make-up session.

The “Business Basics” program is for children with an advanced knowledge of the English language.

We occasionally offer programs in Spanish – contact us for more information.

We will be glad to evaluate this option on a case-by-case basis. Please click here to schedule a personal interview to discuss this matter with us.

It is possible to receive classes outside of the announced time slots if you are able to organize your own group. The minimum amount of students in such a group is 3.

Contact with your time suggestion.

The European Union developed a recommendation which identified 8 key competencies that are fundamental to each individual in a knowledge-based society. For more information click here.

To participate in a FunFinance program your child needs a fast Internet connection, Skype and a laptop. A headset is not required but might be handy depending on the amount of background noise. We recommend you to place your child in a separate room for better concentration, or at least a quiet corner in a joint living space where he or she will not be disturbed during the class by members of a family, siblings, etc. passing by.

The course will be prolonged by one week.

Your child is entitled to one free-of-charge make-up session.

We are always open to discuss any adjustments, as we only want motivated students. However, as the course progresses, it might be difficult to move your child to another program, as other children’s learning experience in the classroom depends on your child’s contribution.

Each class consists of 3-5 interactive activities. A large portion of our class time is dedicated to open discussions. The tutor fosters constant student participation by encouraging each child to share his or her opinion and driving a productive dialogue. Problem solving is an important part of the class, where the majority of problems include assumptions to teach kids how to solve real-life problems. We also encourage students to come up with challenging topics and questions for their peers. The course curriculum is adjusted to each child’s interests and development level, so in one class we might spend more time watching videos of children entrepreneurs and trying to understand what they are doing and in other classes we might read an article about the import of vegetables from Spain into the UK to understand the concepts of supply and demand.

If your child does not like the program or cannot participate for any other reason, we will be happy to refund your money. You are entitled to a full refund before the program starts or within the first 3 weeks of the course, provided your child did not miss the scheduled classes.

FunFinance is a small-size independent business and financial education company.

At FunFinance we believe in today’s kids becoming active and responsible members of society. FunFinance teaches kids business, finance and economics through engaging and interactive content. We help parents fill the gaps of the current educational system and offer essential knowledge and skills.

Our unique methodology allows kids to improve their understanding of today’s world. We pay special attention to key competencies for life-long learning.

Children as young as 8 years old can join our global classrooms on zoom. Learn about our courses here.

As an educator, you can use our methodology to teach your students business, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. We have courses for a traditional classroom or as an after-school activity.

You can also open FunFinance franchise program in your own country and run your own financial education company with our help.

Please check our program brochure here

For the one-on-one tutoring program, the maximum student age is 16 years old. For the “Business Basics” program, we accept children up to 12 years old. Children above 12 are welcome to participate in our conferences or on-demand tutoring programs. Contact us to learn more about our additional programs.

The “Business Basics” program is developed for children 9-11 years old. The minimum age of student must be 9 years old.

For private tutoring:
Cancellations made prior to two (2) weeks of the start date of the course will be refunded in full. For cancellations made within two (2) weeks of the start date, we will charge a cancellation fee of Eur 50 and the fee will be credited toward future purchases. In addition, check our special money-back guarantee.

Our virtual summer camp is a popular program and many parents reserve it early on. To reserve your child´s place early on we will ask for a prepayment of 25% of the program cost.

For other programs we require your full payment before the program starts.

All our tutors are business professionals or experienced educators. All our tutors are native English language speakers. What is most important, our tutors are passionate about teaching kids business, finance and economics. Have a look at LinkedIn profiles of our tutors: Helen Lown, Connie Thill and Lucinda Howells.

In addition to the technological requirements to join our classes your child will need some paper, a pen and a marker.

Yes, all our tutors teach the full course. Normally students prefer to continue learning with the same tutor.