FunFinance Virtual Summer Camp: Business & Finance for Kids

An empowering experience to improve your child’s understanding of the world & their role as responsible global citizens & leaders of the future

“My Business World” 1st – 5th August 2022 – Completed!

In each session your child will be exposed to different industries and enhance their understanding of key business concepts.

  • Expand their understanding of the modern world
  • Understand importance of business and economy 
  • Build confidence around money and finance

Industries: arts, sports & entertainment, materials & science, fashion & consumer goods, retail & financial services, technology.

Key concepts covered: revenue, profit, loss, expenses, cash-in, cash-out, investment, marketing, advertising, distribution, import, export, patent, copyright, contract.

the course you wish you were taught as a child

why is financial literacy missing from the school curriculum?

Do you wish your children understood the value of money?

Are you frustrated your child often wastes their time online?

At FunFinance Virtual Summer Camp your child will:

  • Learn the role of the economy, business and money in their lives
  • Be empowered to become responsible global citizens and consumers
  • Feel inspired and motivated by entrepreneurial case studies
  • Have fun connecting with children from other cultures while spending time online, productively!

Designed in line with UN Sustainable Development Goals, our unique methodology includes:

Case method: Students learn from the stories of existing child entrepreneurs and famous companies

Open-ended problem solving: Provokes critical thinking and adaptability

Learning through collaborative argumentation: Develops communication skills

Ability grouping: Enhances an individualised approach

Fun first: We know that children learn best when having fun

All FunFinance tutors are business professionals passionate about teaching.

business & finance professionals trust us to teach their children

Parents of our students, many of which come from multinational corporations and known financial institutions, are impressed with our methodology and the immediate and long-lasting impact our FunFinance courses have left on their children.

“A great way of teaching my son about the world and how it works economically, something I am certain will benefit him in future years.”

Elena, UK, parent of a student attending 2 years of FunFinance group classes

“Excellent finance course on a level easily understood by the kids.”

Brian, USA, parent of a FunFinance Summer Camp 2019 student

“He absolutely loves your class and told me he’s disappointed when it’s over and that the time goes by too quickly.”

Nicole, USA, parent of a student working with a FunFinance private tutor

why kids love funfinance

“In every class we learn something new. These classes are very beneficial for me. We always have fun learning together!”

Nur, aged 10, Malaysia, FunFinance group classes

“I didn’t know finance could be fun!”

Daniel, Mexico, aged 10, FunFinance private tutoring

“My experience with FunFinance was exciting. I managed to learn new terms and new things about entrepreneurship. My dream is to sell quality goods to other people and earn money. In my opinion FunFinance helps you realise how to become a real entrepreneur in a enjoyable way even at the young age as I am”

Bea, aged 11, USA, FunFinance private tutoring

invest in your child’s future! funfinance is offering private tutoring all year round!

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