• Money Smart Teens

    Our beginner’s financial literacy course for teenagers. We teach money management by introducing basic accounting principles, learn from successful businesses around us and generate ideas on how to make money as a teen.

  • investing course for teenagers

    Young Investors

    Advanced business course for kids and youth with expressed interest and initial understanding of finance and business. An absolute must in developing money management skills for kids. In this course, participants will learn investing through practice with our real-life stock market simulation and increase their knowledge of business concepts and the modern economy.

  • curso-finance-private

    Private Tutoring

    Private tutoring is recommended for students with exceptional interest in business or finance, gifted children, as well as teenagers and kids who are not comfortable studying in a group. FunFinance […]

  • business program for kids

    Business Basics

    Follow-up course to our Money Basics program. This program teaches kids business and finance concepts to improve their understanding of today’s world and economy. New knowledge boost to help kids with their money management choices and generate new ideas on how to make money as a teen.

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