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Dear owners of Dan and Mike Ice-creams and Sorbets

On the 7th of Novembre, 2017 I wrote a letter to the owners of “Dan and Mike Ice-creams and Sorbets”. It said the following:

Hi Dan and Mike,

I watched the video of you and your product with the Dragons, and I think your tasty, chemical free, natural ice-cream is a very good product. I liked the way you introduced your product. I believe that if you get that ice-cream freezer you would be even more successful. I’m also very proud of you, because like the Dragon said, “The margins are tight” and you have made a good profit. A food product is a big responsibility. I’m just wondering what are you going to do with your great successful product after you buy all the things you want. My advice would be to look to the future a bit more carefully, and think about the things you want to buy or the things you want to do for the other people. And you will need to take this business a bit more serious. Also you could advertise your product, and put it on the Internet. Unfortunately ice-cream could not be sold by internet. But if it could, I bet everyone in Turkey (where I live) would buy this product. It was a pleasure talking to you. Until then.

Luana Volkova.


Luana Volkova is a Fun Finance student from Turkey.