The Harm Of Your “Wants”

We children are used to that parents buy everything we want. And today we`ll discuss this problem, that not many realize.
Most children on earth want something to be bought by their parents. Even you, dear readers once wanted something from your mother. This is natural, but everything has its limit. Some parents go, and buy something what their kid wants. The kid is very happy and pleased. So are the parents. But the next time their kid wants more and more, because the kid is used to, parents buying him everything he wants. This slowly becomes a problem that not many realize.
Let`s say a kid once wanted gum, for 1 euro. And of course the mother buys it. What harm will one package of do? But slowly the amount of the gum increases. And parents still buy what their child wants.
This is mostly happening with rich families. But some poor families are also in this problem. These poor families make their kid happy, but also make a lot of sacrifices for this gum. Not many parents even realize their sacrifices.
Let`s think big. Let`s say a gum package has seven gums. This package of gum will last for a week. Then four packages of gum will be bought in a month. There are 52 weeks in a year. So that’s 52 euro used for gum per year. And gum, isn`t the only sweet your child will want. This money is used practically for dump.
This money parents pay for junk can be used for more important things. Like the 52 euro spent for junk, could be spent for books, clothes, food and many other things.

The solution.
Kids can go without gum or junk. Of course every kid wants sweets or something sweet. Most of this sweet stuff is with chemicals, which means that they are not healthy. But I know the secret to sweet things without chemicals which are tasty, healthy and less pricey. But we`ll talk about it in another time.

Luana Volkova, 10 years old
a second-year student of FunFinance Virtual Business School