Free book “Laura´s first business”


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20+ colorful pages. Includes money management tips, a simple step-by-step guide for kids to start their own business and fun self-study activities to practice simple profit calculations.

What parents say about this book:

  • “My 7-year-old son keeps talking about “selling something” to earn money. This book was perfect to help him understand that any business requires an investment
  • “Finally a book which my 8-year-old can follow!”
  • “My daughter loves drawing. She totally loved the character!”
  • “The exercises were fun to practice math.”


Laura is a curious 9-year old who got into trouble. She broke her brother’s phone and now is urgently looking for cash for the phone repair. Fortunately it is Halloween and Laura grasps an opportunity to start a face painting business. She borrows money for paints and uses her talent to earn enough money to pay back the loan and makes enough profit to repair the phone.