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Goods from all over the world

Have you ever thought about which goods surround you? Or from where most of things come from? Well if you haven`t, not to worry. Settle down comfortable in your armchair and listen carefully to what is going on in the world of your goods.

It`s not always easy to understand from which country which product comes, how it came here and how was it made. Actually if we take a closer look it`ll all be very clear. We`ll go slowly by parts. First lets understand what a trade is.

A trade is when you have some available goods, in order to exchange them for money.

Trades usually happen when some company or one person, has too much of something and is ready to exchange them for money. This is very profitably for the man or company because they`ll get more of the good soon and I think you know the reason. That`s right! They receive the harvest or the product quite quickly because it grows fast!

Now we know what a trade is and how to use it. But where can we find a trade, a good profitable trade? The answer is quite interesting – I`m sure there is one in YOUR COUNTRY! Now don`t be surprised, we all have a connection with each other by a product!

Now let`s make an example to make things clear, let`s for example take chocolate. Chocolate is a product that most kids quickly buy in a shop, and they do that quite often. When we open a wrapper of chocolate bar “Milk”, we don`t even think that that chocolate bar has traveled a long trip and had a fair lot of adventures. Now most you probably know that chocolate is made out of coca beans. These coca beans (some of them) were collected by Brazil people in Brazil. It was only collected there. Then these Brazil people sold their coca beans to a company that makes chocolate or other things from coca beans. Then the chocolate is made maybe not in Brazil. After in that somewhere the chocolate is made it is placed in wrappers that who knows where have been. Only then they are placed on a ship in the refers. (a kind of fridge for products so they won`t rot during transportation.)

So you see, when you buy a chocolate, you are somehow connected even with Brazilian people. This connection happens often. Also with clothes and a lot of things more.

These connections happen often, and this trade, most of the time makes people very happy. We most of the times are enjoying ourselves thanks to some unknown to us people. As you see a great connection is important for everyone.

Well that`s the end of it for today, go enjoy yourselves with some goods that you now know that are made in a huge puzzling adventure.

Luana Volkova, 10 years old,

a second-year student of FunFinance Virtual Business School

the story inspired by the class based on this video from World Trade Organisation: