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Business education for kids since 2016! Fun Finance Weekend Business Club provides financial literacy experience which teaches your child business concepts, explains the role of money in the new economy, introduces modern industries and talks about sustainable business practices. Our Weekend Club offers a wide range of online and virtual activities. Our business school connects kids from different parts of the world. Your child will discover the world of modern finance, business and economy while having fun with their international peers.

We use methodologies from top-class MBA schools adapting to the abilities of children in the corresponding age group.

What makes this a unique learning experience?

  • An exciting curriculum which teaches about the world in the 21st century with examples of modern companies, new industries, and future trends
  • An international community of young individuals who are truly interested in the topic and motivated to learn
  • Activities that aim to develop key competencies, such as creativity, adaptability and critical thinking
  • Proven methodology, engaging topics, passionate tutors

Curriculum designed by kids for kids.

“I did not know finance could be fun!” – is one of the popular comments we get from our students. How do we do it?

  • We talk about companies kids care about
  • Our business cases examples involve kids as protagonists
  • We let students actively participate in our classes and make it possible thanks to low student to professor ratio and a methodology focused on debate

FunFinance Virtual Business School is an authority in virtual education.

We have been running virtual group activities for kids and adults since 2016 and know how to engage students virtually. Our program has been initially designed as a virtual program, it is not a presential program that went online due to the pandemic.

A few examples of activities organised by FunFinance:

  • Summers 2020 & 2021 – Virtual Summer Camp attended by kids from Indonesia, the Philippines, Spain, Kenya, Bolivia, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, the USA and Canada
  • Spring 2018 – Virtual Event for Global Money Week with children speakers aged 8 to 11 from the UK, Spain, Malaysia, Jordan and Turkey
  • Fall 2017 – Virtual Conference on the Scarcity of Natural Resources, where our speakers were children aged 9 to 12 years old located in UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Russia and Turkey

This year our Weekend Club is offering a variety of learning activities for different age groups and levels of financial literacy.

How to join?

Joining the Weekend club couldn’t be easier, simply choose a time and day that suits you and book using our online portal. The minimum term is 5 sessions and this ensures that your child can complete one study module and receive a completion certificate. Before completion of each module, you will be asked if you would like to book for the following module of 5 classes.

The Weekend Club is available during the academic year in 1 of 3 ways

  1. The Weekend club is normally taught in a group situation, which brings together students from different parts of the world.  Your child is part of this group who meet at an assigned time each week.
  2. Alternatively, you can request private classes and receive one to one teaching you can request a specific time that suits you (depending on tutor availability) The minimum booking is for one study module (5 – 8 sessions depending on your child’s individual learning pace.)
  3. Or you can request our ‘book a tutor’ program which is designed for friendship groups of up to 8 students – you secure a time slot for your group to meet via zoom each week and receive the classes for a set fee per group per study module.
Weekend Club
Pre- Teens
(9 – 12 year old)
Weekend Club
(13 – 14 year old
Private tutoring
(one to one format)
Book a tutor –
Friendship course
Start dateTerm 1 classes between 18th September to 19th December 2021Term 1 classes between 18th September to 19th December 2021 On demandOn demand
Duration /
Time table
Study modules
of 5 sessions
Study modules
of 5 sessions
On demandOn demand
Programs Money Basics, Business Basics,
Young Investors
Money Smart Teens, Young InvestorsMoney Basics,
Business Basics,
Young Investors
Money Basics,
Business Basics,
Young Investors
Money back guaranteeYesYesYesYes
Free trial classFirst class of the program used as non-obligation taster lessonFirst class of the program used as non-obligation taster lessonYesFirst class of the program used as non-obligation taster lesson
Price€150 /approx. $175 per study module €150 /approx. $175 per study module approx. €250 / $275 per study module€350 / approx. $425 -maximum 8 students for one flat fee per study module
Check our schedules depending of your country, children age and time zone.
DayNew York
Saturday -Pre-teens08:00 09:0011:0015:0017:00
Saturday -Teens09:0010:0012:0016:0018:00
Sunday – Pre-teens10:00 am15:0016:0018:00
Sunday – Teens11:00 am16:0017:0019:00

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