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Finance programs for schools designed by FunFinance Virtual Business School for Kids

Our FunFinance business and finance programs can be integrated into schools and other educational institutions as part of the curriculum or extra-curriculum activities.

Case Study: FunFinance at The Braga International School, Portugal (CLIB): “Business & Psychology Week 2022” 

The Braga International School has been offering high-quality education in Portugal since 1999. Their mission statement highlights “the world tomorrow will demand of its citizens the ability to reason well and ethically; the flexibility to adjust to an ever changing reality; the fortitude to withstand the onslaught of new and formidable unknowns.”

CLIB FunFinance business program for schools
FunFinance in Schools: Children at The Braga International School during their “Business & Psychology Week” 2022

How the FunFinance program was integrated into The Braga International School’s Business & Psychology Week

Ahead of their first ever Business & Psychology Week 2022, the CLIB delivered the FunFinance Business Basics program for kids to their year 3 to year 8 classrooms. Throughout the 8-week course, CLIB students firstly discovered what the economy is, then how it connects to their world and finally what role each citizen plays as a producer and a consumer. Additionally, students learnt what a business is and to recognise different types of resources involved in building one. Lastly they made profit calculations and were able to practice some basic accounting.

Fun Finance program for schools
FunFinance Business Basics Program Activities at CLIB

At FunFinance, we design all courses to highlight sustainable business practices. We also address the UN sustainable development goals so that there is greater learning around the scarcity of resources, the responsibility of businesses towards its employees and consumers’ willingness to pay a fair price.

Sustainable Business Practices through FunFinance

The students at CLIB explored the importance of psychology in business and how it can be used to help improve communication, productivity, quality, as well as making a better workplace as a whole.

The different days of the week were geared towards themes that included: emotional intelligence, sustainability, social entrepreneurship and ethics, culminating in the business fair. Students used the knowledge gained from the FunFinance Business Basics program to form their own business and sold their products, raising a total of 1466,91 euros for the ‘Virar a Página’ Association.

Feedback from teachers

“I really enjoyed using this unit, and it was great that many of the
activities were specifically tailored for younger students (particularly
the ‘face painting’ activities!).

We used this resource as we were
preparing for our School Business fair and it was a great way to
encourage students to think about profit and associated costs, and the
importance of thinking of interesting products or services to sell. I
enjoyed the introduction of Felix as it was wonderful for the students
to see another child who had successfully followed the steps to make a
business, focusing on sharing his profits with charities.

Thank you so much for all your support, it was wonderful to collaborate
with you! I hope we can work together in many other future initiatives.

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