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Do you have questions about FunFinance?

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What is the exact program of the “Business Basics” course?

Please check our program brochure here

How much does a program cost?

Prices valid in fall 2020:

Short standard programs:

5 group classes –  €165 / $175

5 private classes – €250 / $275

How long is a program?

Our shortest program “Dicovering economics” is 5 weeks long.

“Business Basics” program is 10 weeks long.

We can design a program based on your family’s requirements and availability. 

At what times do the lessons take place?

Look at the schedule of open slots here.

How long is a lesson?

Class length is 45 min – 1 hour. (We tend to have 45 min of “productive study time” and reserve up to15 min for “fun”
moments, connection time and to assure proper connectivity).

Do the programs involve homework?

Amount of homework is chosen based on your child’s availability and wishes and varies from none to a couple of hours a week.

What should I imagine by private tutoring?

Private tutoring is recommended for students with exceptional interest in business or finance, gifted children or teenagers. The program and teaching style will be adjusted based on the student’s initial level of understanding, interests and learning progress.

Each program is different. We help 9-year-old students to read and understand business news, we have 10-year-olds building their investment portfolio, we helped 13-year-olds discovering how to start their own business.

As with every educational program, the success of the learning experience will depend on the relationship Lena Perepelova may be able to create with your child and his / her desire and motivation to study. That is why we plan a trial class for both your child and Lena to decide if they want to start the learning process together. Feel free to book the trial class here.

Who are the teachers?

In fall 2020 all classes are run by Lena Perepelova, the founder of FunFinance.

We are currently looking for more business professional with a passion for teaching.

Will my kid get the same teacher in all his classes?

In fall 2020 Lena Perepelova teaches all the classes personally.

How should I imagine online classroom?

Watch this video to see how we structure our course on Google classroom.

Do you provide a certificate?

Each course participant will receive FunFinance certificate.

What are key competencies for lifelong learning?

The European Union developed a recommendation which identified 8 key competencies that are fundamental to each individual in a knowledge-based society. For more information click here.