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What is FunFinance?

FunFinance believes in today’s kids becoming active and responsible members of society. FunFinance offers business, finance and economics education for children to help their parents fill the gaps of the current educational system and provide kids with essential knowledge and skills through engaging and interactive content.

I’ve never heard of finance and business classes for kids before. What can I expect?

Our 10-week “Business Basics” program covers the following concepts: wants, needs, goods, services, producers and consumers, supply, demand, profit, revenue, costs, assets, investors, land, capital, labor. Children will develop an in-depth understanding of these concepts and gain the ability to see their application in the real world. Armed with this knowledge, children are able to further develop their interests through self-study, conversations with adults or by following the news. Also, we put emphasis on social responsibility.

What is a lesson like?

Each class consists of 3-5 interactive activities. A large portion of our class time is dedicated to open discussions. The tutor fosters constant student participation by encouraging each child to share his or her opinion and driving a productive dialogue. Problem solving is an important part of the class, where the majority of problems include assumptions to teach kids how to solve real-life problems. We also encourage students to come up with challenging topics and questions for their peers. The course curriculum is adjusted to each child’s interests and development level, so in one class we might spend more time watching videos of children entrepreneurs and trying to understand what they are doing and in other classes we might read an article about the import of vegetables from Spain into the UK to understand the concepts of supply and demand.

What is the minimum age requirement?

The “Business Basics” program is developed for children 9-11 years old. The minimum age of student must be 9 years old.

What is the maximum age requirement?

For the one-on-one tutoring program, the maximum student age is 16 years old. For the “Business Basics” program, we accept children up to 12 years old. Children above 12 are welcome to participate in our conferences or on-demand tutoring programs. Contact us to learn more about our additional programs.

The program says “9 years old is the minimum age” but I think my kid who is younger can handle it. Can I enroll him anyway?

We will be glad to evaluate this option on a case-by-case basis. Please click here to schedule a personal interview to discuss this matter with us.

Are 9-year olds and 11-year olds in the same class?

Students in the same classroom will have similar competence levels of mathematics and will match each other in terms of overall maturity. It might well be the case that the children of different ages can sit in the same classroom if we believe it is beneficial to the learning process. We will always attend to your concerns, but will reserve the right to choose on the most optimal classroom make-up.

I want to sign up my kid to a FunFinance program, how do I do it?

Book a personal interview or simply reserve your trial lesson here.

What is the exact program of the “Business Basics” course?

In our “Business Basics” program we work on the following topics:











We use adaptive teaching methodology, so while all our classrooms follow the same program, class activities are adapted to each child’s interests and development level and may differ per classroom. Our students have a choice to focus on one subject more than the other.

How much does a program cost?

“Discovering economics”program is 150€.

Full “Business Basics”program is 300€.

How long is a program?

Our shortest program “Dicovering economics” is 5 weeks long.

“Business Basics” program is 10 weeks long.

We can design a program based on your family’s requirements and availability. 

When do I need to pay for the programs?

To book the time slot of your choice you would need to pay within 15 days after our confirmation and before the program starts.

How do I pay?

You can choose between direct transfer to our account in continental Europe, Paypal, Transferwise.

At what times do the lessons take place?

Look at the schedule of open slots here.

How long is a lesson?

Class length is 45 min – 1 hour. (We tend to have 45 min of “productive study time” and reserve up to15 min for “fun”
moments, connection time and to assure proper connectivity).

Do the programs involve homework?

Amount of homework is chosen based on your child’s availability and wishes and varies from none to a couple of hours a week.

What if I want to transfer my kid to a different program?

We are always open to discuss any adjustments, as we only want motivated students. However, as the course progresses, it might be difficult to move your child to another program, as other children’s learning experience in the classroom depends on your child’s contribution.

Do you allow kids to have a trial class before deciding if they want to commit to a program? Is there an option to pay for just one class?

Yes, each child will has a trial class with our tutor before committing to the program. In addition, check our special Money back guarantee here.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations made prior to two (2) weeks of the start date of the course will be refunded in full. For cancellations made within two (2) weeks of the start date, we will charge a cancellation fee of Eur 50 and the fee will be credited toward future purchases. In addition, check our special money-back guarantee.

What is financial education?

If your child does not like the program or cannot participate for any other reason, we will be happy to refund your money. You are entitled to a full refund before the program starts or within the first 3 weeks of the course, provided your child did not miss the scheduled classes.

What happens if my kid misses a day?

Your child is entitled to one free-of-charge make-up session.

My child can’t attend one class, how do I give notice?

If you inform us before the course starts we will try to plan the lessons based on your availability. If you inform us a week in advance a make-up session with a tutor will be scheduled. Your child is entitled to one free-of-charge make-up session.

What happens if FunFinance cancels a class?

The course will be prolonged by one week.

How do I contact someone at FunFinance?

See our contact information here.

What does my kid need to bring to a FunFinance program?

To participate in a FunFinance program your child needs a fast Internet connection, Skype and a laptop. A headset is not required but might be handy depending on the amount of background noise. We recommend you to place your child in a separate room for better concentration, or at least a quiet corner in a joint living space where he or she will not be disturbed during the class by members of a family, siblings, etc. passing by.

Can my child take the class using a phone or a tablet?

We do not recommend use of a tablet, as not all the study materials are compatible. Please inform us if this is the only
available format for you. Phones do not provide for the learning experience we desire.

Will I need to spend a lot of money on supplies?

In addition to the technological requirements to join our classes your child will need some paper, a pen and a marker.

Is Skype reliable enough for 60 minute lessons?

In most cases Skype proves to be a reliable alternative, provided your Internet connection is fast and uninterrupted. In some cases we use a free version of Webex or other technology.

Skype doesn’t work. What do I do?

In some cases we use a free version of Webex or other technology.

Who are the teachers?

In fall 2017 “Business basics” will be personally run by Lena Perepelova. One-on-one tutoring sessions can be run by other experienced business professionals, whose names and profiles you will be notified about.

Will my kid get the same teacher in all his classes?

We reserve the right to replace the tutors according to the lesson content and the students’ needs.

My kid doesn’t speak English very well, can he enroll in a FunFinance program?

The “Business Basics” program is for children with an advanced knowledge of the English language. We are currently developing new programs for children who need to improve their English language skills. Send us a message if you want your child to join such a program.

Do you provide a certificate?

A FunFinance certificate will be awarded to those students who attended the full “Business Basics” program consisting of two modules of 5 classes.

What are key competencies for lifelong learning?

The European Union developed a recommendation which identified 8 key competencies that are fundamental to each individual in a knowledge-based society. For more information click here.