This summer we offer fun and original financial education and business courses for pre-teens. We developed our own methodology by interviewing and teaching kids in different countries. Each course offers a mix of concepts on business, finance and economics. We talk about businesses kids know and use children as protagonists of our business cases. That is why our students love our courses.

We believe that 9 -12 years old is an ideal age to offer structural education on business, finance and economics. At this age children are curious and open-minded, they have sharp mind and are able to grasp even rather complex concepts. Most importantly, youth in this age group are not yet conditioned by society and have the right attitude towards learning. We love teaching this age group and offer a sequence of educational courses on financial education for pre-teens: Money Basics, Business Basics and Young Investors.

This fun packed course offers the students our highly acclaimed pre-teens FunFinance business courses in an intensive or semi-intensive format during the school Summer holidays 2021. The group of students, (minimum 3 and maximum 8) will be assigned a time slot for their class each day and will work with their tutor through the Money Basics and Business Basics courses over a 2-week (1hr per day) or 5-week (2 hrs over 2 days per week) period. The students will work in a group with other students from countries within a complimentary time zone. 

Money Basics

FunFinance’s beginners’ course in financial literacy introduces the students to the initial business and economic concepts. Developing awareness in money matters that lay the foundations for a future understanding in more complex ideas and financial maturity.

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Business Basics 

This follow-on course from Money Basics, builds on the concepts from the previous course to improve the understanding of the global business and economic world, consider sustainable practices and develop socio-cultural awareness with regards access to goods and services. The students are encouraged to ask questions about money management strategies and choices, and generate money making ideas through case studies of young entrepreneurs.   

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You can purchase each course as a stand-alone experience or join FunFinance Virtual Business School for Kids to attend all courses in order.

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