This summer and all year long we offer fun and original programs of business and financial education for teenagers. Each course offers a mix of concepts on business, personal finance, accounting, investing and economics.

Give your teenager the chance to learn about the world of business and finance with FunFinance’s Summer camp for teens! This highly acclaimed financial education course for teenagers brings together two of the most popular programs – Money Smart Teens and Young Investors and provides business instruction tailored to the needs of today’s teenager. 

Participants work in groups, (minimum 3 and maximum 8) at a designated a time slot for their class each day and will work with their tutor through the Money Smart Teen and Young Investor courses over a 2-week (1hr per day) or 5-week (2 hrs over 2 days per week) period. The students will work in a group with other students from countries within a complimentary time zone. 

Money Smart Teen

A beginner’s course in financial literacy aimed at the teenager, it focuses on money management through basic accounting principles whilst also generating ideas on how to make money as a young person. 

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Young Investor

This is an advanced business course which follows on naturally from our beginners’ program. In this course, the students will learn about investment through practice with our real-life stock market simulation and thus increase their awareness of modern business concepts and world economies.

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You can purchase each course as a stand-alone experience or join FunFinance Virtual Business School for Kids to attend all courses in order.

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