investing course for teenagers

Young Investors

Advanced business course for kids and youth with expressed interest and initial understanding of finance and business. An absolute must in developing money management skills for kids.
In this course, participants will learn investing through practice with our real-life stock market simulation and increase their knowledge of business concepts and the modern economy.

Course Info

  • Age Group:10 - 14 year olds
  • Price:Private tutoring $250 | €250 (1 student), $300 | €300 (2 students), $350 | €350 (3 students), etc.
  • Level: Advanced
  • Language: English
  • Dates: On demand
  • Program Length:5- weeks
  • Teaching Format:Blended (classes on Zoom + home assignments + investing platform)
  • Course Competence:Global Awareness | Sustainability | Creativity | Responsibility | Leadership
  • Key Concepts: Common Share | Dividend | Ticker | Index | Equity | Volatility
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The objectives of the course are:

  • Ignite interest in the stock-market & investing
  • Learn financial concepts
  • Discover modern businesses & industries
  • Obtain valuable learning experiences through practicing investing

In the long-term we would like to:

  • Build a unique international community for kids who are interested & knowledgeable about business, finance & economy
  • Create a habit of long-term investing

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