business program for kids

Business Basics

Follow-up course to our Money Basics program. This program teaches kids business and finance concepts to improve their understanding of today’s world and economy. New knowledge boost to help kids with their money management choices and generate new ideas on how to make money as a teen.

Course Info

  • Age Group:9 -13 years old
  • Price:Private tutoring: $250 /€250 (1students) | $300 /€300 (2 students) | $350 /€350 (3 students), etc.
  • Level: Beginners to Advanced
  • Language: English
  • Dates: On demand
  • Program Length:5-week program (5 classes x 45min / 1 hour for 3+ students + (optional) homework)
  • Teaching Format:Zoom
  • Course Competence:Global Awareness | Sustainability | Creativity | Responsibility | Leadership
  • Key Concepts: Profit | Sales | Distribution | Import | Export | Supply | Demand | Entrepreneur | Investor | Cash-in | Cash-out | Electronic payments

This innovative business course for kids teaches business and finance concepts to improve your child’s understanding of today’s world and economy. Normally taught as a follow-up course to our Money Basics program.

“FunFinance helps you realise how you can become a real entrepreneur in an enjoyable way & even at the young age that I am.”


This business course for kids offers an innovative method focused on the child’s understanding of the modern world. It is based on applying business case study methodology so that students can learn with exercises based on real stories of children entrepreneurs and/or companies they know.

In addition, Business Basics simplifies the definitions of the existing concepts and changes the traditional order of presenting the concepts to maximize the learning outcome.

business program for kids

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