Challenging young minds, nurturing global vision

Our mission

We believe that understanding business, finance and economics is essential for life in modern society. We are convinced that by teaching our kids socially responsible business practices from an early age we secure the future of this planet. 

What is a virtual summer camp?

In times when our children can not have personal contacts, we will connect kids from different parts of the world in a unique virtual experience. 

We promise a great variety of exciting activities to help your child discover the world of modern business and economy. In our camp children are learning and having fun with their peers from other places in the world.

We use methodology of top-class MBA schools adapting it to the abilities of children in this age group.

What will make this a unique learning experience?

  • An international group of children located in different countries
  • The selection process to form a group of young individuals who are interested in the topic and motivated to learn
  • The curriculum which teaches about the world in the 21st century with examples of modern companies, new industries, and future trends
  • Activities which aim to develop modern skills such as creativity, adaptability and critical thinking

FunFinance Virtual Busines Schools is an authority in virtual education.

We have been running virtual group activities for kids since 2016 and can truly be considered professionals in this field.

A few examples of activities we organised in the past:

  • Fall 2017 – Virtual conference on scarcity of natural resources, where our speakers were children aged 9 to 12 years old located in UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Russia and Turkey
  • Spring 2018 – Virtual event for Global Money Week with children speakers aged 8 to 11 from UK, Spain, Malaysia, Jordan and Turkey



Listen this virtual testimony from our student:


At FunFinance virtual classroom, kids from different parts of the world learn together in real time with a live tutor