Challenging young minds, nurturing global vision

Self-study program with a lasting impact!

A learning journey which allows your child to study at her own pace but stay engaged and motivated. 

Program length: 5 weeks to 3 months

Language: English

Teaching format: Self-study materials + (optional) live virtual classes + (optional) online test = certificate

Program content:

  • Chapter 1 “Learning about economy”
  • Chapter 2What is a business” 
  • Chapter 3How businesses earn money”
  • Chapter 4Secrets about money. Banks and investing”
  • Chapter 5My place in the economy”

See the full program brochure here.


You receive a new chapter every 2 weeks.

Virtual classes take place every second weekend in November through February.

Different time slots are available depending on your time-zone.


Program costs: 

Full course, one-time payment – $50

5 monthly payments x $15

Buy the first chapter and attend our virtual class for $20

Our impact: 

Business Basics is an innovative program designed to teach 9-12 year old kids the role of business, finance and economics in today’s life. 

Attending our programs leaves a life-long impact. For some kids we manage to ignite interest in entrepreneurship,  for others, we create a positive attitude to business and finance.


These are just 3 testimonials from our 10-year-old students who attended classes this summer:  

“I no more think that business is boring”

“Finance can actually be fun” 

“I now know what to do with my money”

At FunFinance virtual classroom, kids from different parts of the world learn together in real time with a live tutor