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Our special “Corona-virus” offer starting the 16th of March 2020:

Normally the cost of the program is 25Eur.

You do not need to pay upfront.

It will be up to you to decide if you can afford and willing to pay after your child’s participation. 

How to participate?

  • simply join our course by entering this Google classroom with code rrpvcto
  • free virtual classes in addition to our online program – every working day at 18:00 Madrid / 17:00 London time

“Business Basics” is our beginners´ course designed to introduce your child to the world of business and entrepreneurship.  Our materials are self- explanatory and easy to follow. All concepts are explained with modern examples close to your child’s everyday world.

This is a 5-day program which will be running every week starting on Monday.

First week: 16-20 March 2020

Second week: 23 – 27 March 2020

Upon completion of this course students will:

  • Understand what is a business and connect objects and professions in their every day’s life to businesses
  • Get exposed to entrepreneurship through inspiring stories of kids-entrepreneurs
  • Learn the concept of profit and be able to make profit and loss calculations
  • Develop their own business ideas following our 5-step framework

Program length: 5 lessons

Language: English

Teaching format: self-study materials + feedback through individual Google classroom

Learning methodology:

Adaptive teaching: While all our classrooms follow the same program, class activities are adapted to each child’s interests and development level and may differ per classroom.

Case method: Students study videos of existing children entrepreneurs and stories about famous companies they know and learn to understand what that business is about.

Open-ended problem solving: To motivate child’s critical and creative thinking our exercises may contain incomplete information. Students are asked not only to show their final solution, but also to explain how they got their answers and which assumptions they made on the way.

The program aims to develop the following key competencies for lifelong learning:

  1. Sense of initiative and entrepreneurship
  2. Digital competence
  3. Learning to learn

Program costs

Full program cost is 25€.

Money-back guarantee

We believe that only happy and motivated students can learn. If your child does not like the program or cannot participate for any other reason, we will be happy to refund your money. You are entitled to a full refund before the program starts or within the first 2 lessons of the course, provided your child did not miss the scheduled classes.

How to sign up?

Pay the 25€ fee through PayPal.

Fill in this form to tell us about your child and his/her needs.

To learn more about the program and see if it fits your child check our section of FAQ or send us your questions through this form.


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