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How can my child join your classes?
As with every educational program, the success of the learning experience will depend on the relationship our tutor would be able to create with your child and your child’s desire and motivation to study. That is why we plan a trial class for both your child and our tutor to decide if they want to start the learning process together.  

What is the content of the program?
We design an individualized learning journey for each student based on their age, the general level of understanding and interests. Each student will start with our Money Basics™ program,  children who have a specific interest in the topic can later continue with our Business Basics™ and Young Investors™ programs.  
The speed of learning, business cases and the depth we will touch on each concept will be different for each child. In the first stage, we focus on building a general understanding of what the economy is and the roles of money, businesses and entrepreneurs. Based on our methodology, understanding the difference between costs and investment and practicing profit calculations is a solid basis for later understanding personal finance and investing.

What is class format and the price of the program?
In Fall 2022, our programs are available as private tutoring only. You can book our tutor for your child or for a group of friends. Our tutors are located in Europe and the USA and we are able to offer classes both during working days and weekends. You can read about our pricing structure here.  

What’s on offer now

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Any more questions?

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