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What does my kid need to bring to a FunFinance program?

To participate in a FunFinance program your child needs a fast Internet connection, Skype and a laptop. A headset is not required but might be handy depending on the amount of background noise. We recommend you to place your child in a separate room for better concentration, or at least a quiet corner in a joint living space where he or she will not be disturbed during the class by members of a family, siblings, etc. passing by.

Can my child take the class using a phone or a tablet?

We do not recommend use of a tablet, as not all the study materials are compatible. Please inform us if this is the only
available format for you. Phones do not provide for the learning experience we desire.

Will I need to spend a lot of money on supplies?

In addition to the technological requirements to join our classes your child will need some paper, a pen and a marker.

Is Skype reliable enough for 60 minute lessons?

In most cases Skype proves to be a reliable alternative, provided your Internet connection is fast and uninterrupted. In some cases we use a free version of Webex or other technology.

My kid doesn’t speak English very well, can he enroll in a FunFinance program?

The “Business Basics” program is for children with an advanced knowledge of the English language.

We occasionally offer programs in Spanish – contact us for more information.