Challenging young minds, nurturing global vision

Last Sunday our young investors discovered the concept of assets. For me it is one of the basic concepts a person should understand and I make sure kids see the difference between an asset and an expense. After the students could grasp the concept with examples from their household (a car vs groceries), I asked them (they were 3 kids aged 10, 12 and 13) what could a company consider as an asset. They started with “buildings” and then …suddenly all of them started talking about employees. They were sure that “people are company assets”. Why? “Because people learn with the time and become better in what they are doing… and this way people and companies grow together”.

I just wish they will keep this point of view long enough, as unfortunately not all the CEOs think this way. What would you say to these kids?

We also talked quite a while about our personal assets, it’s so easy to make this connection, I just could not help it.

A 10 year old kid came up with “the ability to talk to people and approach them” – how smart is that? Of course we talked about the education, their family and friends. All of them agreed that those are their most valuable assets and they need to invest time and effort into them.


Lena Perepelova, 

Founder of Fun Finance

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